Team News

The Stowe Soccer Club is a member of the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA)

VSA provides liability insurance to cover all players, coaches and organizers from claims or lawsuits arising from the soccer program or related activities. Medical insurance is also provided for injuries or accidents sustained by participants. The liability and medical insurance benefits provide excess secondary coverage to any primary coverage. In the absence of any primary coverage the VSA insurance coverage will provide primary benefits. As with any insurance there are certain limitations and exclusions, but the coverage is well worth the premium VSA charges the club.


Expected behavior While there have been no major discipline issues in past seasons it is important to outline the Stowe Soccer Club’s policy at this time. If a player is causing a disturbance, distracting the team, or distracting from the focus of the training session or game he or she will be warned by the coach (first warning). If the player’s behavior continues the coach will give the player a second warning. This will prompt a meeting following the session with the coach, player, parent and program coordinator to discuss the importance of respect and following directions. If a third warning is necessary the player will be asked to sit out the remainder of the session and will not be invited back to practices or games until the player and parent can assure the coach and director that he or she will make necessary adjustments to behavior.

Weather Soccer is a game that is traditionally played no matter the weather. We realize that with younger players we have to be a bit more conscious of the elements and practices may be cancelled. If the weather is threatening, please make arrangements to pick up your child early from training sessions.

Coaching The Stowe Soccer Club selects and supports it’s coaches to create a positive soccer experience for our youth players. If you are interested in coaching at any level please contact us. Coaching is an extremely rewarding way to spend time with your children!

Thanks! The Stowe Soccer Club is a 100% volunteer-run organization. The organizers and coaches are eager to donate their time to help your children have fun while learning soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We ask that players treat their teammates and their coaches with the respect they deserve. As parents you are in a great position to teach, encourage and demonstrate that respect.