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Fall 2014 Schedule

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We're a 100% volunteer run operation. Please consider supporting our programs by volunteering some time!
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SSC is a member of the Vermont Soccer Association

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The Stowe Soccer Club is a volunteer, non profit organization intended to teach Stowe area youth the game of Soccer. Along with skill development, an emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, team camaraderie and a respect for others.

Three separate programs are offered throughout the year; Spring, Fall and Indoors in April.

Vermont Youth Soccer Association  The Stowe Soccer Club is a member of the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA). VSA provides liability insurance to cover all players, coaches and organizers from claims or lawsuits arising from the soccer program or related activities. Medical insurance is also provided for injuries or accidents sustained by participants.  The liability and medical insurance benefits provide excess secondary coverage to any primary coverage. In the absence of any primary coverage the VSA insurance coverage will provide primary benefits.  As with any insurance there are certain limitations and exclusions, but the coverage is well worth the premium VSA charges the club.

Suggestions and comments are invited and should be directed to the Stowe Soccer Club, Randy Hoder. tel.: 730-5431, email: randhoder@aol.com
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